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08 February 2009 @ 05:59 pm
A sporadic and useless update  
A few pointless things: 
1.  I pretty much love my fiction workshop professor/thesis advisor. His advice is damn near spot on most of the time, and moreover, he has a way of stating what needs to happen with a story in a way that is precise and incredibly clear. The downside of this is that, following the "Aha!" moment, I sometimes feel rather stupid for not seeing it the first time.

2.  My classes are all ridiculous this semester. I love them, but I'm also kind of afraid that my women in islam class is going to make me irrationally bitter towards men. I occasionally want to burn or otherwise deface one of the textbooks, not because it is hard to read or uninteresting (to the contrary) but because the information it provides is often dark and depressing.

3.  I'm going out for drinks on Wednesday with some meritorious people from my workshop class and a couple of other friends who write, and write well. I'm really kind of excited about this; I think I need a bigger community of writers than I have right now, and am hoping this becomes a regular thing.

4.  I love my friends and I love to entertain them. I do not love the aftermath of having entertained-- namely, that I am ridiculously behind on everything I need to do for school.

5. It's 63 here today. 63! I both love and hate this, as well. This faux spring will disappear and leave me hungry for the real thing, which won't come for a few months now. BOO winter.