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28 October 2008 @ 12:49 pm
I've been had!  
Stayed home from school today. Ethan was coughing all night and his nose has been running since yesterday. I do believe I've been had, though, ladies and gentlemen; although this morning he gave me his very best croaky-voice-and-sick-boy act, complete with the deadly helpless looks, he is now darting around the house like he's on crack and generally acting happy. And when I asked him if he was really feeling too sick for school this morning, he got a guilty look on his face (like his father, he is categorically incapable of telling a lie) and shuffled his feet. I'm severely annoyed, as I wanted to take off from class on Thursday to go to his halloween parade and I really can't afford to miss this entire week of class, so now I can't.

I'm not ready for deception, people! Motherhood. It ain't easy.